Provincial Grand Masters' Team Initiative

Based on the principle that the Provincial Grand Lodge of the Metropolitan Area and its constituent Metropolitan Lodges are to work together as a unified team, I would like to launch our TEAM initiative for 2023/4.

T – training. Training takes many forms, and we are starting with the ritual classes in October running through to February. In the past the Metropolitan Board ran many successful training seminars, for Treasurers, Secretaries, Stewards of Charity, Almoners etc. Now as the PGLMA we intend to run these and more training sessions both in the Hall and on zoom. We will be publishing a calendar of events over the coming weeks.
E – education. Craft Masonry operates on the three degrees of Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason. The aim of Craft Masonry is to make “good men better”, all Masons will know this – but we aim to expand the understanding of these moral lessons and explain them in more detail.
A – assistance with events for charity. The PGLMA ran the very successful Summer Lodge and BBQ on August 20th. Between the charity collection and raffle we raised €2,240. We will also be supporting the “Green Committee” with their events as they restart activities after the COVID shutdown. The PGLMA can also assist in promoting and publicising events to Metropolitan Lodges through the website and Lodge visits. 
M – membership. We see membership breaking down into two distinct areas, retention and new candidates. In early 2023 we will have a seminar for senior Lodge officers, sharing ideas and suggestions which will encourage retention. The candidates’ committee have already organised an event in the Hall where prospective candidates met with participating Lodges, and this has led to many strong candidates coming through scrutineering and being proposed as candidates. The candidates’ committee will continue with its good work