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By Provincial Grand Master
R.W. Bro. Derek A. Brennan

On July 2nd 2022 The Provincial Grand Lodge of the Metropolitan Area (PGLMA) was constituted by the Grand Master M.W. Bro. Douglas T. Grey.
The PGLMA is the first Provincial Grand Lodge to be constituted on Irish soil for 152 years, and I had the great honour of being installed as the first Provincial Grand Master.
I would like to especially thank the Grand Master and Grand Lodge for their support and assistance - which has been invaluable, I would also like to thank the incoming officers of the PGLMA for their hard work and dedication behind the scenes.
As Provincial Grand Master I would like launch our TEAM initiative:
     T - training
     E - education
     A - assistance with events
     M - membership

Constitution of Provincial Grand Lodge Metropolitan Area, July 2nd, 2022